Thursday, June 23, 2016


Incomparable is the the impulse that decrees
A contemporaneity above board
Aspects of the past have been discarded
With ,of new sprung ideas, an impregnable hoard
A threshold poised on the brink of revolution
And arcane concepts dissolved
Greater coherence, amid all multifariousness
All jaded hang ups resolved.
Yet the mind , with its overlapped, unintuited layers
Exerts the presence of the unknown, undiscovered hidden
Amid the emollience of unfettered freedoms
Disordered desires emerge unbidden
Impaled on a possible cul de sac of extinction
Pathologies alternate with helpless conviction.


It was with finality, blended with despair
That i saw the foundations quake
But cataclysms, ineluctable, always 
Made me, from lassitude, awake
The truth mistaken as timeless
Is but a pattern, dispersed, rearranged
Meanwhile amid the fragments of the zeitgeist
Remnants of breakthrough lie amid aspects deranged
Immense are forebodings seen in themselves
Threatening the fabric of what encloses
Yet the precipice is always flirted with
As a dangerous lover, which life discloses
Time past, time future remain, beyond a point, nebulous
Certitude amid the unknown seems unduly credulous.