Thursday, February 4, 2016

Causality- a sonnet

To trace the beginning when it all began
And find a pattern that makes sense
Involves surrendering the very pattern 
Whose nebulousness renders phenomena dense
The itch to find a precision
Among a series of unknown
To find, amid much that seems bewildering
An anterior whence seeds of causality are sown
Is to reveal, through the gravid agglomeration
Of arbitrary forces, a patina of omniscience
Whereas , acceding to uncertainty betokens
Anodyne but necessary percipience
What is meant to supervene ineluctably does
Making a nonsense of all other flim flam and fuss

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The scrim of queerness
Becomes an essence
When the ought to be recedes,
Gilded by being in itself
Stipples of otherness
Felt as intimations
Become signs of precognition
Betokening a palimpsest
Except that what lies beneath
Are inchoate hieroglyphs
Deepening meaning elsewhere
Always beyond language
Moments when an irremovable despair
Tightens its eldritch talons
I breathe it in, coloring with polychrome
Hues which, intermingling, dissolving
Delineate each texture , mnemonic
As both it and connected
With the fibres of interconnection which
Dapple the human soul, without and within.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


If only i learnt that intensity
Forewarned you of fear of engulfment
I would, wordlessly, in spirit, freeze
Under the lens of that discernment
Ebbing away, imperceptible
Is the fibre that kept me going
Where answers, multitudinous pervaded
Now, there is only unknowing
Shrugging of the remnants, judiciously
Of prelapsarian hope
Knowing that inevitability will weigh in
On life's precarious slope
Attrition of all that was once dear
Is the only way to keep my head clear.