Monday, January 25, 2016


On a given day
I disperse my being
Dappling what i am 
With iridescent hues
Which, though dazzling
Reflect the me i like
Though the 'I' that is me
Foregrounds the delectable
Even my ugly bits, jarring
Which might mar the landscape
Become, through rapid alternations
Polychrome and myriad
In the race to affirm the blueprint
That also re-presents through representation
Gracelessness is sloughed off
Through elegant linguistic whorls
Somewhere , submerged, immanent
Lies that which cannot lie nor be lied about
Mnemonics, unheralded , casting
A tenebrous overlay across the luminous
More or less, approximating
The being i project through language
I inveigle, unwittingly, elisions
Wherein my unknowability is refracted
In diffuse , disembodied shards
That do not blend or cohere
Becoming, instead , in their multifariousness
That which others witness me become

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