Friday, December 4, 2015


At first i couldn't fathom
The depths there were
Because ensconced in the placenta
Being was subsumed
In that amniotic sea
With the tang of salt and blood
An intake of breath
An exhalation of longing
Became the accoutrements around which
The chrysalis of self folded in on itself
Then came the process
Of finding the slate overdetermined
Wherein the more i scratched
The more bloodstained my nails became
Sucking in that coppery pins and nails remnant
Of that which was overlain, like a japanese box
I found the void, the blank slate anterior
That underlay the heart of everything
Gradually i daubed the landscape
Adding a brushstroke here, tempering there
Making from the flux of the unknown
Patterns that conjoined and ricocheted
Some hues were iridescent, some penumbral
There was no knowing which tint would rise when
But each tint dissolved in polychromatic profusion
Glimmering fitfully in a dense mesh of variegation
It was then that slivers of choices
Extricated from unbidden memory
Deepened with retrospection
Irradiated the inherent depths i sought
Knowing there is much still to plumb
But i had initiated the inner plunge

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