Friday, August 21, 2015


If i could speak of love
As an abstract mnemonic
Could i, coil around it
It's own architectonic
With the thudding of blood
Or the rasp of a beard
Myriads of vastitudes
Are ineluctably cohered
To breathe the love i feel
And feel its beat in your heart
Is to experience infinity
Or intimations of its piquant dart
Time or neuroses could pall
But never obliterate
That which protracts, ceaselessly
Is, by being itself, inveterate
To dissolve in self doubt or ambiguity
Hinterlands of the hidden
Or to materialize, through the unconscious
Feelings , unbidden
Testing, measuring, through experience
What does it mean to love
Blurring boundaries, compartments
Affirming ,far and above.
I come back to the pectoral
Nestling in its capacious embrace
Kisses, stolen importunately
Amid sensuous interface
Compendious is the realm where
Cornucopias spawn
Penumbral the erotic may be
Transcended , still, by the luminous dawn
Perhaps to proliferate cliches
Can express incommunicable realms
Of feeling, thought, inexpressible
By the ineffable overwhelmed

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