Monday, July 6, 2015


It is surprising that you exist
Given your visitation, unbidden
The caprice of your emergence
A succubus, hag ridden
You tell me you belong to me
Are indivisibly cleaved to my being
Yet the mirror, protracting excoriation
Tells me a sanguine narrative
To distrust the mirror is as much a lie
As fragmenting the self within
Seeds of self doubt undermine wholeness
Inveigling insecurity, therein
Maybe you are a part of me
That i wish to disavow
Images should please, not torment
Even if the integument is illusory
It doesn't really matter, your being entombed
Beneath the palimpsest of the external
Adherence, ineluctably, will emerge incessantly
To the stern directive of the oedipal paternal.

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