Saturday, June 27, 2015


The palimpsest ripples
With meanings inexistent
While the script of being
Ululates disconsolately
Iridescent daubs
Stipple the canvas
Dotted with associations
Meanings congeal.
My love is infinitesimal
Yet strong enough to prove
That while feelings run awry
Landscapes of romance move
It is necessary that the tumescence
Expends its fruit
Eve 's integument shimmers
As adam faces ,on his face, the boot
Swaying with the syncopated rhapsody
Of a warbling aria of love
I gleam, in the interstices of neuroses
By soaring far and above
My foundation may have striated me with unmet pain
Queerness though belies, a normative preening and vain.
The mirror never lies
Though doesn't speak the truth
Absorbing, in its myriad blankness
Interiorities of circumlocution
Whirling, swirling, ricocheting
Self and other disperse
Regard, love, self love
Compacted and terse
Refract me and him
Amid prospects dim
Cosmic indifference, meanwhile
Rotates in a capricious vein
Ratcheting exuberant love studs me
A reality i can't unfeign

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