Monday, June 22, 2015


Nebulous you,
Beneath your striated beard
Where your thick lips
Flecked with salival foam
Glitter and glisten
With concupiscence

That night as i trawled
My fingers through your
Raspy beard, feeling pinpricks
Coruscating me, i thought
With regret , of your daughter
As ,in failing to even simulate
Mythology i would inveigle a
Desire that would transcend gender.

I am a succubus
Draining your juices
Dazzling you into immobility
By the force of my serpentine locks
Underneath my muscled calves
And pectorals, blooms the cave
Of an endlessly replicating
Aperture, stretching into nothingness.

Encompassing you, incorporating
I swallow you heart and soul
In giving of you to me
Blendings and blotches  insinuate
The carapace of your dick
And the endless integument  of my anus.

Fuck you, father king
Spitting you out
Ejecting the emblem of my solipsism
I, inhabit the mirror, the frog
Kissing its reflection except
Instead of the frog there
Reposes a handsome prince

I have become what i always was.

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