Monday, June 22, 2015


Late, in the nineties
As wrinkles striated your face
As your eyes crinkled at the edges
I saw you as a cowboy, my first
Exposure to your rugged being

Of course i went back
Tracing backwards
The lineaments of your
Progression to this
Rustic cowboy

What you then were
And are now
Wherein time
Enclosed in a spiral
Of a closed circularity
Reveals, latent, nascent
The image of you i had forever
Which both came to me through
The you i saw and corresponded
To the you i constructed

From those endless porn movies
Haystacks, the smell of horse dung
Trucks, cattle, dampness, sweat
And the impedimenta of rancid
Reckless sex

Yet you, circumvented these imaginings
By underscoring, the impossibility
Of fitting the image to life
Wherein i consecrate you by
Negating my inwardness as
Only surviving by denial
Can retain the pristine
Image of the cowboy who fixes
Horses with people problems

Suppurating with probity
Abnegating what i never
Know existed nor desire
To bring to light ,i exult
In the narrative of love you proffer
Knowing that beyond the barns and stables
Where pricks measure the circumference of the anus
There lies a prelapsarian world
That never was , never can be
But exists, configurable, in the aegis
Of my blind faith. 

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