Thursday, June 18, 2015


Life ratchets in the closed circle
As i fumble and twitch
Not with the desire to whoosh out
But to breathe, take in
The sperm that begot me
Yet relinquishes letting up
I grab and i suck, suck
On the nothingness of formlessness
Could then my o gape orifice
Be only my instinctual appendage
Or do i seek, by gobbling up your essence
The facsimile that that essence really is
By taking you into myself
Sucking the vitality out of you
I fail, fail to recapture the primal
From whence i emerged
Finding, instead a blank space
Where even my desire to possess,
To be possessed, dissolves
Into the oblivion of non being
Desire may be what i thought i felt
Or how you gauged my hunger
But what i crave, need, yearn for
Is not your prick but your soul through that prick.

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