Thursday, April 30, 2015


Whether i gouge out my eyes
And father my siblings
The reality of apostasy
Congeals me into penumbra
Why, when i knew what i wanted
Did i do what i did
Knowing, that doing what i wanted
Would be irrevocable
Emptiness sloughs off me
Sometimes i wish i had my father
But without killing off the mother
Who stood in the way.
Otherwise, sparing them both
My weighty unconscious
Affirm a sublimated love
That would apotheosize me
Whether it is his raspy beard
Or her silken tresses
I crawl back inevitably
From whence i emerge
Where else to retract
But a primal regression
Therein , in the amniotic waters
Probity remains unsullied.
I desire, above all
A return from experience to innocence
To gather the love of the ultimate he
From whom the cosmos unravelled.

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