Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Begotten by you
Unravelling from
The effluvium of your
Desire, i desire curling
Back, into the very phallus
you extricate me from.
My ravenous soul
Ingests your inveiglings
Only to spit them out
As the detritus of
Your misbegotten aegis
That begot me.
Yet, unsuppressed
And yearning, for
That which you both are
And are not, that which
Is entombed in your form
Yet exists outside it,i
Warble with a longing unassailable.
Your form centres me inasmuch
As your being i ricochet from.
Could this alternation root me
In the hinterland of the impermissible
Or spawned and projected as fantasies
Acted out without and within.
I negate you but choose your blueprint
In him i lived out what, with you i couldn't
Into him i slough off your remnants
Bringing back full circle
A desire unsated and insatiable.

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