Sunday, February 15, 2015


His craftiness is adroit and his patina of agreeableness deceptive. And this carapace is discernible to me right from the beginning of our friendship. I don't pay it too much credence because a certain guilelessness deepens friendship. Yet it is a misgiving i cannot negate.
I do ,you know, figure people out. I think it's because i am smart enough to realize that what people say is not what they are. And if i trust what you say and you prove unworthy of that trust then i will be hurt deeply. I won't be able to get over it because it is a breaking of trust.
Penumbra predominates. Lucent surfaces are chimerical. The luminous and the tenebrous conglomerate into indeterminacy. But the kaleidoscope is variegated and reality multifarious. The mosaic is ,after all, a commingling of different arabesques. Each turn and shift reshapes reality, transmogrifies consciousness. It is a prestidigitation that is imperceptible yet immutable.
He has a definite sense of ego boundaries. But i am sagacious is locating a narcissism. It is a self regard that seeks regard for itself as it would regard itself. Sometimes his superego makes him impetuously reproachful.He has repressed his id very effectively. Yet it continues to act up , raise its repressed indubitability in many ways. His patina ,which i alluded to, is compensation for an intrinsic inadequacy. Sometimes he seems almost borderline in this vacillation of which he is unaware though he dreams vividly.
There is a dissonance between his being and becoming. In that the self he believes he is or is and the self he would like to be are underpinned by a schism, the schism of an interface between the actual and the possible.Though the actual and the conceptualized do ipso facto, converge and ricochet off each other. It is a logos whose epistemology is its own telos. And the telos becomes fluidly, continually.

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