Thursday, January 22, 2015


It was awhile before the thought, which had been at the back of my mind, came to the forefront. There was nothing dramatic in its emergence or materialization. I am often accustomed to being surprised by unbidden thoughts, unbidden not because i wasn't residually aware of them but because i could discern no causality in its surfacing in my conscious mind. And therein lies the nebulousness of what one ought to be able to articulate and that is one's own thought.
Thought. Unanticipated. Accreting. Disillusioning. Knowledge.
Uncertain. Unknowable. Unknowability. Fragmentation. Chaos.
Chaotic order. Indeterminate knowing. Disconcerting unsurprise.
Startling immanence. Fluidly immutable. Amorphously congealed.
What i know. Can i know.? Will i know.? Should i know?.
Necessity of knowing. Knowing to figure. Figuring to concretize.
Irreconcilables amalgamate fortuitously luminously narrativizing discursive ambivalences efflorescing effluviums desideratum conspicuous incandescences detonating incertitude unfathomability hieroglyphs gossamer palpable actualization conceptualization essence things palimpsest unearthing subterranean dichotomies putatively irreconcilable eventually harmonizing amalgamating wholesomeness being becoming.
While i thought through the thought and while i was thinking through it i realized that i had in the process of thinking through a thought which had already been thought through arrived at a latent sense of the unknowingness of things and its latency signifies that unconsciously i had already thought it through and the latency testified to the imperceptible veracity of the unconscious mind whose imperceptible veracity was rendered veracious by the latency it reposed under which left the fact of having thought through the thought not only ineluctable but incontrovertible.

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