Saturday, November 8, 2014

Calling up

He calls me I let the phone ring. He calls again, I restrain myself from picking up the phone. The phone rings and i pick it up. He hangs up.
I call him and cut the phone on hearing his hello. I do this again and again. This time around i do say hello. On hearing my hello he cuts off the connection.
He calls me and cuts off the line when i say hello. Presumably he wants me to call back. His parsimonious nature amuses me. I call him back and say hello.
He says hello back and then tells me to hold on as there is someone at the door. I hear the sound of a kiss. I hang up, in a fit of anger.
The phone rings and he it is him. He says hello. My first impulse is to slam the phone down. But i let forth a cavalcade of expletives. He hangs up.
I call him up to prolong my fusillade and he hangs up again before i can even utter a syllable. So i call him up again, he picks up and suffused with unconstrainable rage i slam the phone down hard.
Now he calls up to direct the stream of abuse back at me and i hang up because i don't want to get out of control.
I call him up but his line is engaged. He texts me to ask who i'm talking to and i text him to ask if he's talking to that girl i heard him smooching.
So he calls again and i pour forth my frustration while simultaneously he pours out his. We are screaming at each other but not hearing anything. We are actually screaming at ourselves. I hang up.
I take the receiver off the hook.