Friday, May 2, 2014


My subaqueous eyes ripple the reflection reflected back to me. As my tremulous eyes waver, on the brink of emotional repletion yet in the interstice of recollecting and burgeoning, my sense of being too quivers, shivers and caught in the flux of incoming waves of oblivion, simultaneously abases and transcends.

The iridescent glass is the repository of my consciousness. Mnemonics float, reconstituting mosaically. An occasional arabesque is detached, attached to memory, rendered subjective, personalized, experienced and incorporealized. The revisitation of the mnemonic transmogrifies the contingent yet experience, the constituent the memory embalms, is fluidly unaltered.

In the tenebrous hinterland of becoming i reconfigure . In the palimpsest of my unknowingness i scroll indented hieroglyphs, rendering indelible what is evanescent. The wave of memory, arched, uprisen, washes over these hieroglyphs with the unceasing onslaught of lived experience, incandescing consciousness with depth.

Time, nebulous, indeterminate , fluid, reposes over experience with impassive indifference. Constellations of multifarious consciousnesses conglomerate and ricochet, slivers are seamlessly conjoined and irrecoverably cleft, the kaleidoscope churns, roils tumultuously, eventfully, but the causality underpinning it all revivifies both the context and the subtext. Amorphous wisps of gossamer temporalities congregate to convey a metaphysical which is indiscernibly discerned, whose crenellated whorls of apotheosis beckon enticingly.

In the subfusc penumbra my eye peregrinates multi dimensional being while i, a blueprint of my own self conception, see my quotidian, palpable reflection. The mirror's interested indifference buttresses me.