Monday, March 17, 2014


Specularity is both projection and reduplication. Projection because it extrojects the inner to create an outer and reduplication because the extrojected is subsequently introjected and then re projected. Hence a specular circuitousness is retained, a closed circle, self contained yet repressive and predicated on erasure and divesting of the un sanguine.

The queer gaze in the mirror exists in a void, a nothingness. A queer identity does not have a pre determined being to reflect itself to itself. The absence of an ontological and teleological base is compounded when the being that is brought into being comes to be through becoming. It is a process of creation, from wresting from the anteriority of non being a form of authenticated becoming. The process of willed obliteration crystallizes both the tenuousness of being in itself and the necessity for a being for itself.

The lineaments in the mirror are a blur where, through a process of superimposition, the erased is re created and validated. The erased was always there yet the specular gaze, circumscribed by the charmed circle of its self constitution, negated it. While the straight gaze finds ample blueprints ratified by time and custom, the queer gaze wrenches being from its consignment to a putative non being. The reality of the other is as intransigent as that of the norm, in so far as its existence is pertained to. Yet the coexistence of multifarious continuums necessitates a relinquishing of power structures, an abrogation of the will to power, a leap into faith than a leap of faith.

The queer gaze has to carve its own epistemology and its existential indubitability, despite contravening normative significations, are the mnemonics through which a being is instituted. In that sense the queer coming into being is existential, a way and a process to affirm, not through a superstructured base but a palimpsest of blankness.

Though the queer being now has a blueprint yet the peregrination of the blueprint requires a traversing through and an inveigling into thee closed specularity. The mirror may reveal unvarnished truth or the deceptions that are imposed on it yet both are mediated through the aegis of a human consciousness. In the subfusc gloaming, the tenebrous shadows often merge and blend so as to disaggregate singular reality of its intractability. The moon and its luminous light refract the gilt edges of queerness and gild them so that the corporeal mirror glows at the rims. The sun, blindingly ricochets the force of its luster through the mirror by bouncing it off in many directions. So queerness as it were exists as an indivisibly connected being or disperses as a mosaic of variegatedly commingled becomings. The only way for the queerr image to exist veraciously than apocryphally is the arabesque of its constition in conjunction with other iridescent arabesques. The kaleidoscope is a coexistent simultaneity, not a normative reaffirmation.