Thursday, December 4, 2014


Time flew by, while, moments
Where a certain stasis was anticipated
Were, with the counterpoint of destiny,
Demonstrably intractable which, nevertheless
Transformed ephemeral time , into a measureless,
Uneventful, unbroken continuity, irrefragable,
Enervating, terrifying.
What.moment. reveals.change.nonetheless.
Necessary. continuity. despite. protean. time
Mythified. Perpetuation. Unaltered. Destiny.
Metempsychosis. Consciousness. Durability.
Elasticity. Interstices. Destiny. Mutability.
Everything. Chimerical. Continuity.
Destiny changes each moment, each moment
changes life, Each life changes each moment,
Each moment, in each life, with destiny, is changed.
Incandescent time with effervescent bubbles of
Conviviality reflects on the efflorescence of the natural
World which changes and transforms and transmogrifies
Into multitudinous configurations and therefore each
Moment is eternity and eternity lies in each moment.

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