Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The apple glowed like red cheeks
With a sheen which, luscious
Sinuous, voluptuous, made her sink
Her pearly white teeth which, indenting,
Inscribing, incorporated a future which
Would be both durationless and temporal.
He, consumed with guilt replicates
The intransigence of her sin
Though god he contritely placates
He loses moral ground amid his faultless din
She, meanwhile, sifts the ages
To locate her disempowered fulcrum
The apple crops up incessantly as
A metonym of the inadmissible and
Symbolizes her lowliness to herself.
Often she thinks of the old white man
Of his long beard caressing her silken thighs
But ultimately, when he swoops down and rapes her
Saviour and destroyer mirror each other.
His beak tears open her innards as a
wordless cry emerges from her being
Falling soundlessly amid an indifferent cosmos.
So being turns inwards. She turns herself inside out,
Becomes the rib to lash the rib that made her become.
These pertinent expostulations, which he, despite his
Complicity disregards, become echoes which duplicate
In her eardrums, circumambulating her integument.
Now, though, today she speaks
Within her troughs and peaks
Of how he negated his crime
By overlaying her with grime.
The serpent lives in both their minds
Like a reflection denied and consigned
Yet he crops up at moments
To remind them that
Despite their difference they are one
With a master or leader none
What's inside needs to resolve
Only then will transcendence, amid corporeality, revolve.

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