Monday, December 29, 2014


A sense of penumbra.
Sometimes a suspension of factuality, more inveterate than it seems makes a shimmering opalescence that flickers off and on as perception is turned on and off like a lightbulb, sometimes volitionally, at others volitionlessly.
Beneath the iridescence of the ostensible the abyss yawns complacently knowing fully well in its subterranean depthlessness that a plunge a vertiginous submergence is inevitable wherein the tenebrous despite the luminosity that will fail to obviate its emptiness shall eventually triumph.
Hope denuded darkness. Darkness inundated consciousness. Consciousness constituted immeasurability. Immeasurable emptiness void. Void ineluctably enmeshed. Enmeshed Humanity flawed. Flawed inner self. Self only blank.
Glimmers  incandesced  hope  refraction  faith attenuated    belief    eschewal     doubt    prismatic variegation   truth
Analyst - 'This transference is necessary for closure'.
Patient -'you are the facilitating conduit'
Analyst -' Your psychosis is self healing'.
Patient-' Fragmentation is our inner reality',
Analyst -' coordinates of self dapple life'.
Patient - 'Life's depths problematize singularity'
A bird warbles outside. The sun sends forth rays of light that ricochet off the car windows. Profusion of trees with glistening fronds drip drops of water which become droplets that glitter in the retina with polychromatic variety. The sky is a cloudless expanse.
As the crepuscular gloaming betokens i take to bed . I know that the morning will be a different country. Life goes on.

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