Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The hall of mirror ripples
My reflections manifold
Multitudinous refractions
Across space and time testify
To the fluid center of my being
And the evanescence of time
Time present dissolves into time past
Where, conjoined, they anticipate
A future which, tempered by both
Peregrinating the interstices of
The has been and the can be
Becomes a congealed should be.
Metamorphoses of consciousness
Traverse metempsychosis realms
Through which, interweaved temporalities
Siphoning off contingent intimations
Amalgamate, the penumbral incertitude
With incandescent plenitude
The hall of mirrors is merely,
A hall of mirrors, with its
Dotted spots slotted, their
Impersonal causality but what
Has altered, dramatically
Is how i now see myself and life.

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