Sunday, September 7, 2014


My mind is a mosaic where a mish mash of intersections coexist. When i traverse the past to transmute experience into the present, these arabesques, conglomerated higgledy piggledy stretch, graft and reconstitute. Out of the inchoate substratum of complexity certain strands emerge, causal and determinate. These causal mnemonics ,through fortuitous claim on my consciousness are transformed from being mnemonics into memories.

I often ruminate that all these myriad memories, immanent in me, clustered kaleidoscopically,would splinter if oblivion, anesthetized by forgetting, rose up in a wave of obliteration and submerged and dissolved all these memories. That, with the cessation of my mortal frame, this cavalcade of interconnected remembrances would fade and disappear.

But associations, fluid in the face of the intransigence of mortality would embalm these memories in the consciousness of my interlocutors who partook of them. Or a written representation would, for posterity, unravel these existential hieroglyphs into a mode of being, a way of live. Memories surface imminently but they are entombed with alternating intensifications of temporality with atemporal indeterminacy in the collective consciousness i have inhabited and that my own integument stipples and streaks this collective with iridescent whorls.

Overlaying the complexity of interleaved memories, indivisibly congregated must be a meta memory. A memory which, in its inexhaustible capaciousness would be a heterogeneous receptacle for all these constituent memories which float capriciously, causally like phosphorescent undersea life. The waves advance and retreat and these memories entwine, ricochet, disperse, attenuate, reaggregate and exist in mutual reciprocity. The contingent, with each recollection, transforms the aegis. Consciousness alters, perspectives metamorphose and the ceaseless and configurable ebb and flow continues on and on.

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