Monday, September 8, 2014


Moments are strung together in a garland of evocations and emerge unbidden to the consciousness and are savored . Sometimes the conscious focus of a thought process on a luminous memory evokes its luminiscence. These moments, congregated in the unconscious rend the amorphous veil that distinguishes it from the conscious. These moments ,gossamer yet durable, traverse variegated realms of consciousness ,perch here, are dislodged there . Their fluid peregrination renders consciousness kaleidoscopic wherein they whirl and swirl, rearranging, dispersing and reconfiguring.

But of what are these moments composed? Causal studs of experience congeal them into a specific form. The nature of experience, in conjunction with the rational and the nebulous ,gives them shape. Once they assume a structure they entomb the experience that formed them and then reshape that experience with each subsequent recollection. Sometimes these moments overlap wherein the signification of one is superimposed upon that of another. These fortuitous though indeterminate cleavings take momentarily momentous shapes in the mind as they are experienced and then recede . But a metamorphosis of perception occurs.

These moments are non chronological in their conglomeration. And their surfacings into consciousness are equally random. Thought, mediated by experience, influenced by circumstance alights of a certain blueprint which, as it is further cogitated on, extricates from the mosaic of moments, a specific moment.In that moment a specific moment is wrenched but it could equally plausibly be another moment or a succession of moments, immanent and indwelling in each other, wrapped up, like fine mesh around the center of a protean consciousness. Causality is ineluctable in a realm of integument but the deeper recesses ,the unplumbed depths, betoken areas as yet untapped, unexplored and unformulated.

Perhaps formulation, with its overtones of ratiocination implies a measure of control over a hinterland of the incorporeal. The unknowable, by the force of its unknowability, embalms these moments as memories and experiences which, when experienced, irradiate with epiphanic stipples of being. The mechanism proceeds, however, with inveterate permeability, till mortal time ceases and metaphysics begins.

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