Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The vitreous nature of my reflection unnerved. Before my eyes i shimmered dazzlingly, as my reflected being swayed before my perceiving self. The glass was impassive but my consciousness had altered.
Outside the iridescent moon sent forth cool shafts of light. Meanwhile my breath, on this cold day expelled exhalations whose mistiness blurred my reflection momentarily before the very breath that created the mist was, with the accompaniment of a rubbing forefinger, dissolving the original blurring into the tenebrous night . And because the blurring was both evanescent and wispy, it reposed infinitesimally and then, with volitional blotting out, was obliterated.
But the thumbprint created a smudge ,its own reflection within the reflection of my self in the mirror. Except that it was both a reflected causality and the reflecting counterpoint to its own nothingness. With that smudge the true nature of the mirror, its impersonal arbitrariness was materialized out of nothingness, reposed on emptiness and like the subterranean underwriting of the palimpsest became, with its incertitude of non being, an indivisible reality of unreality.
My own image, dazed by the incandescence of my inner radar navigated the circumference of my inner being. Nothing concrete came up but certain arabesques, hitherto aligned in a certain pattern, were imperceptibly reconfigured. And with that life, reality, myself as i understood them lost their sharp edges, became impermanent and ephemeral, just like the mirror. The mirror and i coalesced.

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