Tuesday, September 2, 2014


He left me. Not that it matters . And even if it did there would be nothing i could do about it. And even if there were anything it would be ineffectual and fruitless. And despite the fact that it would be ineffectual and fruitless i tried to do something about it. And because there was something done it did something.
It did something though what it did was of little use ,given the fact that he was intransigent which led him to, despite my earnest expostulations, to reject me, a rejection whose weight struck me down irrevocably, with full force causing, at that moment as well as afterwards, a dull blunting pain that was irrecoverable, irretrievable, inexorable.
He left me, cleft me. He moved me, unproved me. He ,with his demurral  , made me corral . We cleaved though never interleaved. He hurt me, by being curt. I was undone, with his spurn. I was lonely because i was comely. He laid me and i paid him. With my love, far and above. Which he rejected, with anger ejected. So here i am all alone, cold as stone, with the desire to pick a bone.
Okay he's left me. So yeah what can i do. I am, like totally bereft. And you know, it doesn't really matter. I don't freaking care. He can ,like, whatever, do as he pleases. I am done, totally and he can go and like i care, find another woman who, anyways will dump him coz he's like ,like i said, a prick.
For whatever it is worth he has left and it doesn't really matter because he has by behaving obnoxiously shown that the faith i had in him has been betrayed and this predicament he has landed me in is of his making and not mine and i wish to move on and find a new life for myself and i will because i am strong and stoical and as far as i am concerned i have finished with him.

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