Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Waking up from a slumber profound yet chaotic i remembered my dream. This is something i am habituated to do in the mornings . Even before i brush my teeth i sit awhile in silent contemplation, recollecting the dream i had the night before while i slept. Of course not all my recapitulations are accurate. Imprecision is very much conspicuous and because the whole experience of traversing realms of consciousness is so amorphous veracity founders.

And it is inevitable that veracity founders because it is an experience incontrovertibly mine. I don't have another person to share my dream with except for the indubitable phenomenology of dreaming itself. Dream content is sometimes pellucid, sometimes abstruse. But waking up or wakefulness which is a realm of consciousness can never accurately revivify the dream. Constructions are ineluctable, as is a certain falsity.

Yet the dream i had tried to recollect was both assuming form and dissolving into formlessness. The constituents were dispersing and attenuating but the manifest dream content was truthfully remembered. As far as the latent dream content goes it belongs to the hinterland of the unconscious, a space i am terrified of approaching for fear of unsavory aspects of my self which might, with their attendant dark neuroses, disconcert me.

In a sense this dream i had is like a memory in that recollection is contextual. I know that this is a dream i will remember at many future junctions in my life and each time, with contingent shifts, the experience of having dreamt, like a memory will imperceptibly transform. The integument of experience and the coordinates that constitute it would remain the same but a metamorphosis of context would dapple the dream/memory with a contemporaneous signification.

Memory recalls the singular and the collective and so do dreams. If a dream can be reconfigured and represented in a grotesque, unfamiliar form then so can memory be reshaped with subsequent rememberance. In fact dreaming is a form of memory in that aspects of being, experience and reality are peregrinated, reconstructed and absorbed into present forms. Or conversely memory itself is a kind of dream because it is an experience, sometimes repressed which, like a dream resurfaces unbidden and precipitately, sometimes spectrally. A dream can be interwoven with memory as dreams become memory by a remembering of past through present . The dream needs to occur for its memory to be entombed.

And even where dreaming and experiencing unconsciously intersect it is a retroactive experiencing of a predetermined dream because the network and lineaments of the dream are already set in motion, waiting for faithful recapturing.

All these speculations on dreaming emerged from the fact that the  dream i had was that i was having a dream. By transfiguring the process into language i have actualized it.

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