Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The dials of the clock gleamed phosphorescent in the dark. The movements of minutes was punctuated by the ticking of the seconds. The hour dial moved slowly, almost imperceptibly to me. And all of a sudden my mind bulged. The clock expanded and fragmented. Hours broke up into tiny pixels, minutes even minuter and seconds infinitesimal. My nervous filaments too, simultaneously enlarged, attenuated and burst into tiny blood vessels that throbbed in my head, pulsed with a crackling energy, uncontainable, unconstrained. The clock was now within me.

As the dance of time syncopated to the beat of the hours passing my nerve ends jangled. A vertiginous precipice opened up before me, rendering me dizzy with the kaleidoscopic movements of each arabesque. As the imagination soared, fragments of reason reconstituted and dispersed, worsening the abyss like feeling. As my mind roiled and my head churned my innards started disgorging too . Regurgitated remnants of vomit, streaking the pillow, moist, malodorous brought up further retching. And suddenly the mind stood still, the stomach heaved, contemplated further expelling of ooze and sank back, like a retracting wave, sonorous, recumbent, pregnant with residue.

Gradually the splintered mosaic reaggregated. The arabesques tremulously took up their allotted space. The nerves settled down. The thrum ceased, dwindling into a potential migraine . The dials of the clock clicked back into their respective positions. But something had happened. A journey, perhaps. And all that was left of me was my jaded countenance, enfeebled frame and an untapped energy that coursed through my veins. 

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