Saturday, August 16, 2014


If we consider our minds as they stand today. There is consciousness and there are myriad realms of information hurtling. Sometimes they intersect, often pell mell. There is a tangled conglomeration of knowledge which requite a sifting and sorting to extricate layers of meaning. As a tube rushes past so do thoughts.
So there is this rich kaleidoscope of the mind with each arabesque syncopating, jangling, aflame with sensation and stimuli. Overlaying it is consciousness with its modicum of reason and pragmatism, negotiating the quotidian. A surface seemliness belies a subterranean unconscious process of navigating entangled threads.
There is a discernible fragmentation. Compartments come into being, slotting causality into neat slots. A sense of the collective inner, traversed communally has become indistinct, substituted by a throbbing singular, where modes of peregrinating chaos repose. Not only have the outer and inner severed but the conscious and unconscious have blurred too, are no longer cleft as sharply and indivisibly. In an atomized space possibilities of authenticity are apocryphal,where it is indeed, in certain contexts, nugatory.
There is an outward simulacrum of obsequiousness to the inner, buttressed by contemporaneous significations. But such an inner as there is has been kitschified, rendered meretricious. An exploration of the inner wouldn't merely be compensatory as an exploration of inner workings, inner dynamics. What constitutes the inner, or what the ontology of the inner is would provide a space to wrest being from non being.
This methodology of exploring the phenomenology of the inner wouldn't merely demonstrate the telos of the inner but its concatenation with other inner's. Each inflection, metamorphosis would be like overlapping waves wherein the singular and collective would be inextricably enmeshed. Each contingent transformation, registered, identified would create newer configurations from the present vantage point. The genre would, in combination with a fluid form, create fresher ways of looking at reality by questioning the zeitgeist.
The hypothetical form would, thus, traverse the entire circumference of the inner. There would be an exploration of the inner within the inner, the process within the structuration, the interstices within the form. An inside out turning of the inner would explicate, not just knobs, loops, knots and constrictions but the way out ,the way beyond.

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