Sunday, August 10, 2014


It is a cavalcade, a large number of spectral presences i will get to know vicariously. Intersections will occur or mutual indifference. Because over consciousness will be poured numerous claims on attention, with varying degrees of interest . The mind will be deluged, the imagination stimulated. And then the sifting and sorting, the choosing of areas of interest, points of confluence ,punctuated with an acknowledgement that yes, the imagination of the other has been apprehended, absorbed and reciprocated.
But the possibilities burgeon as the list extends before me. My eyes scan down, looking at physiognomies, picking, choosing the ones whose claim on my attention corresponds to the attention i am willing to claim from the suggestive countenances. Some presences are familiar and i accept immediately, grateful for a resumption of propinquity. Elsewhere i scan interestedly, as though to glean mnemonics which would betoken areas of interest i could identify, build on and crystallize as friendship.
Memory imbues these exercises of interest with deft touches of simultaneal surface and depth. In some instances depths deepen, with a pre existent familiarity, the congealing of a bond. In other areas interest quickens, fascination fastens on grounds for interchange. In the vast mosaic of consciousness lie multifarious possibilities, contained in a world where provisionality of form coexists with latent depth, a depth configurable, metamorphosable through an exercise of durable human faculties.
As of now the list is a nebulous intimation of nascency. Opportunities flash, shimmer, burst into pixels of putative delights to come yet instances of incongruities, anomalies detonate the luminosity of choice. A world beckons, a world at once real and yet a simulacrum ,of an entire conglomeration of human variegation. I start accepting, albeit judiciously.

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