Thursday, July 24, 2014


In the tunnel. A surprise finding. Finding  of self. Inside the tunnel. Dark and light. Light filtering in. Darkness enveloped around. A finding place. A winding tunnel. Labyrinths of convolution. Spirals of complexity. The end loop. The beginning aperture. Between-  The tunnel.

A space to think. Think and reflect. Reflect on the way back and the way forward. The retraction of the way back. The progression of the way forward. And between retraction and progression the tunnel. The inveterate tunnel. The intractable tunnel. The tunnel unavoidably itself. The tunnel impossible to avoid.

He has gotten in somehow and can't find his way out and feeling bewildered and confused and unsure about the path he must traverse and wondering should he go back or should he go forward and what would happen were he to do either and what would the ramifications be and how will he survive.

So he decides to peregrinate the entire tunnel by negotiating it fully  thereby arriving at the point he began with which is the mid point wherein he both goes backwards then forwards whence  navigating the entirety of the tunnel whereby his circumambulation leads him back to mid point which is where things began when he found himself in the tunnel.

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