Thursday, July 17, 2014


He feels manic, a mania manically manic, a mania maniacal. He is buoyant, manically so or a buoyancy manifested manically underscored by a sleeplessness, a sleep that is less, less sleep, a sort of willful wakening, a wakening that is full of his will, a wakening that his will has filled to the fullest. He feels fully alive, alive in the fullest possible sense, a state of fullness that is underscored by an aliveness.

His senses are stretched to the limit. His limitless senses are rendered limitless through the stretching he imposes on them. Nerve ends jangle, their jangling syncopates as a jangle of formlessness. Formlessness constitutes the jangle that syncopates in his overstretched senses whose limitlessness is reflected by the atemporal stretching of amorphous filaments.

Filaments of perception irradiate from him. Perception shredded into filaments of luminosity, or luminous filaments irradiating perception. He is vigilant to the world around him, his senses sharpened. It because his senses are sharpened that he is vigilant, and he is vigilant and can be only to the world within his head and outside of it. The world within his head mirrors the world outside his head as it affects the world in his head. The world outside his head is a blueprint of the world within informed by the world outside his head. So between the inner and the outer he is practically headless.

He pops a quitipin and drifts off into slumber.

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