Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I often dwelt on the nature of reality and it often baffled me. But then, concerned as it seemed i was, not with the existence but the realness of it disappointments were bound to be inevitable.

Inevitable disappointment occurs because the reality whose realness i took for granted unthinkingly was being proved chimerical. A patina of authenticity  proved illusory.

Chimera is perhaps  unavoidably a condition or rather precondition of human existence.

The disappointment was augmented by the realization that any substitution was also going to be another construct, a superimposition of another simulacrum, parading as real.

I came to the conclusion, having dwelt on the nature of reality that my search for authentication was a very human need, a need for veracity to validate the coordinates of my conception .

If chimera is the blank slate over which hieroglyphs are etched then reality is as it is made or made up.

If reality is what it is made then what makes reality is what makes it real and uncertain.

And indeed it was disappointing to cogitate on the provisionality of any human conception as makeshift. It robbed the human species of its specialness in the cosmos.

I actualized my ruminations on the nature of reality by conceding the indeterminacy of it all. I did not seek certitudes though i was compelled to postulate as real something concrete.

I read the quantum thinkers but are not their putatively objective criterion of the phenomenology behind the universe equally uncertain. Is not the whole cosmos an illusion?

Illusion masquerading as real is illusion redoubled. Reality underscored as illusion is irreality confirmed.

All these disappointments in the amorphousness of objectivity confirmed that the search for knowledge was illusory though knowledge did repose somewhere, but needed a leap of faith to be known. 

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