Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Are you familiar with NPD?
-Well i just thought it glaringly obvious that you have issues with narcissism. Your control over my tremulous uncertainties demonstrates just that.
How do i make the accusation?
- Yes i have the temerity to make it. How could you be so self obsessed with the image you love and not be narcissistic.
Am i really a narcissist myself?
- There you go, projecting away shamelessly. It is far too easy for you to extroject from your own misdemeanors and accuse me thus. But then you always were self righteous.
I am in denial of my narcissism?
- Well i am an honest person. I believe in unmitigated probity and transparency. If it were not for my assiduity i'd remain trapped in this relationship for ever.
I am being insensitive in understanding your intrinsic self, is that right?
- I understand you all too well. And that is how i figured that you are a narcissist. You are a control freak, you think the entire world circulates around you. Firstly, you counteract my accusation with a counter attack and then you conveniently deny what i'm saying by alluding to nebulosities like intrinsic worth. I'm so unimpressed.
 If i leave you, am i correct in discerning this from your statement, i am abrogating my own worthiness as a person of probity, you are suggesting?
- It is precisely because i am suffused with probity that i refuse to countenance your unconscionable conduct. I've always been just, fair and self effacing. By rendering me incapable of loving you you have committed the ultimate apostasy.
My leaving you is itself an apostasy?
-Well so be it. I need to protect myself. With you i was going insane. I have my own being to protect from the onslaughts of your invidious defense mechanisms. I too have a worldview. I like to believe in a world that reflects my goodness to myself, that affirms to me, what i already know and that is my own sufficiency and abundance of goodness.
I fail to see you as you see yourself.That is ironical?
-It is you who fails to see me as i am by making me a conduit for your own narcissism. Enough of this discussion. I'm the victim here and now i'm moving out. Take care of yourself, by yourself. Goodbye. 

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