Friday, July 18, 2014

Dilemma of a postmodern scholar

He has read all the theories yet the theories he has read despite the fact that he has read all of them and given the fact that he has read them leaves him groping for a meaning that is ungraspable though it was the desire to grasp it without knowing that it can't though believing that it could because his reading had rendered him obtuse as the obtuseness of the thinkers he read left much that was unchallenged as lived experience though lived experience is a challenge and it is a challenge to experience living and live and experience living it therefore he feels inadequate since the circumlocution of what he has read is so complacent as complance is manifested in circuitous reasoning which revels in circumambulating itself with no conclusion or perhaps its circuitousness is a revelling in the fact that inconclusiveness is a human reality and human reality is inconclusive because reality as we live it is composed of different things and different things make up the reality of what our sense of it is as a reality made up or a reality made up of the evanescent and the tangible though the tangible is almost always evanescent as the evanescent is the elusive and what we make outwits us and we,in order to outwit what we make end up being outwitted and thus the conundrum that he faces as a putative scholar as all the theories he has lead henceforward lea to a nothingness though nothingness was itself something that had to be lead to, given the fact that it is nothing and will always be nothing and hence create a microclimate of nothingness which leads to a theory that believes nothing about the coordinates of the world man made though the very coordinates he made from nothing outwitted him and led to nothing because that which begins with nothingness given the nothingness of nothingness and the nothingness in nothingness which is therefore nothingness ad infinitum though the ad infinitum implies a tautology which is a prolongation of what ad infinitum is which itself tautologously replicates itself ad infinitum and finally all the jargon leads to nothing and the impasse or nothingness jargon leads him to makes him contemplate afresh the meaning of life which itself emerged from nothingness and will end in nothingness.

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