Friday, July 18, 2014


The convolution was necessary, necessary because it imbued his art with depth, which, given his desire for experimentation was unavoidable, notwithstanding the ease he felt in writing the maverick that by virtue of its difference from the mainstream proved helpful in honing his craft since his main deal in writing, and a venerable goal it indeed is, was to perfect his writing that was, to begin with , quite formless and indeterminate, given the randomness with which he infused even the concrete that led to, sometimes unfortunately, a degree of obfuscation that was baffling to those who read him, not just thematically or fictionally but as writing in and for itself too that did, however spiralled into non comprehension and a non comprehension that was a convolution and not a transcendence of formal logic anyway, which, by means of a circumlocution, became a postmodernism that was inescapable, a postmodernism he consciously eschewed when he wrote, hoping that over time this obsession with form would resolve itself into a wholesomeness that would undeniably lead him onto creating a new form, a form which, in its own would create a new way of looking at life though the life he lived right now, with all its chaos and indeterminacy was unconventional, unconventional because while the superstructure was unalterable, the constituents were metemorphosable, a metamorphosis which, like a quark communing with other quarks produced configurations that transmogrified the internal structuration and since the internal's fluidity is,in any case, a prerequisite for the superstructure's mechanism, mechanisms which cannot remain monolithic as structures that are monochromatic dissolve into oblivion subsequently and why only those even structures that don't change with changing times become arcane, thereby losing out on contemporary correspondings which are necessary to cohere with the zeitgeist and his search for a new form, one that goes beyond and finds a way out of the morass contemporaneity finds itself in seems a chimera at times though a chimera, like the holy grail is sustained as attainable through expended human effort if the effort, in particular, is authentic and honest and therefore postmodernism becomes simply a label ,a signifier and his writing is more, much more than a signification as it is a mode of being, a way of life.

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