Saturday, July 19, 2014


Waking from from an uneventful slumber that morning i thought of the lie i'd spoken yesterday. It was not a very pleasant thing for me to have done. A lie is not just a denial but a negation of truth. But then what is truth? Simply another lie we tell ourselves believing that it is true. If a lie is negation then truth is abdication. It is an abdication from the spirit of subjectivity which is the only truth. The only truth is that there is no truth. Yet certain things in nature and phenomena are true. My hand touching your face or a needle pricking my finger. In the tangible world these are instances of how beyond us and outside of us certain things are incontrovertible. Do they pass away with the dissolution of the human race or do they persist? Any centrality is anthropomorphic and therefore egotistic. It is important to know the limits of being human as much as it is to know the transcendences of being human. But the metaphysical retrieves us from indeterminate reflections on the amorphous concrete. The metaphysical betokens an aspect of consciousness that hints at a beyond that is immanent though uncapturable. With the presence of the metaphysical consciousness expands. The wave advances and the ripples proliferate.
And after that. The ripples dissolve and the wave retreats. Consciousness reverts to the quotidian after metaphysical oblations. The beyond becomes the quotidian and consciousness is forced to come to terms with its own materiality which is imminent. The concrete may be what we made of it but it is all we have and is therefore irretrievable. Being human also means having that additional sense and implies a certain superiority. We populate the world with our consciousness and memory and anthropomorphism is ineluctable Everything will be obliterated with our cessation. And because the world is anthropomorphic there is no external reality except what we create. If my hand touches your face it because i choose to make it do so and thereby render inevitable the corresponding touch as also i  as man  create the pin and it sometimes gets the better of me. Nothing is true except the impositions of human construction.What we create objectively is what there is The only truth is the human truth. A truth adheres to the spirit of human consciousness  while  a lie abdicates it. The truth and the fact that we've made it what it is attests to the truthfulness and  the authenticity of our promulgations. And speaking of the lie it was unavoidable for me to have uttered it. And going back to sleep that night i ruminated on the lie i'd thought of having uttered the previous night today morning. It all began with a lie.

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