Sunday, May 25, 2014


I seem to exist in a universe where categories predominate. Everywhere, everytime, all over i find compartments, atomizations , everything neatly labelled, allocated, slotted. It seems as though it would be inconceivable to envisage a world where categories were irrelevant. Imagine what formlessness, what inchoateness, and frankly what madness.

Though nowadays an excessive focus on categorization, slotting is a madness in itself. Some call it OCD for what will an obsession turn to, in the absence of chaotic constituents to latch on to, but categories, but yin and yang. I see the yin, postulate, metonymy susurrating with primal effusiveness, desirous of commingling yet joyous in self containment. I see yang, predicate, intransigent, resisting foreclosure through indubitably contradictory associations. Both forces simultaneously attracted and repelled by each other, hurtling precipitately towards a cleaving, a soldering that would transcend the coordinates constituting them.

But yin and yang, though amalgamated or rather held in balance, precarious? perhaps, reveal that before the coming together there has to be a severence. For only that which is cleft is reconfigured. But if the shards, indivisible, fragmented betoken one reality then a coalescence should ideally both contain and go beyond the contingent telos of the category. After all any sense of completeness is putative because a new reality, a new phenomena, supplanting a previous one becomes itself a new reality, another yin or another yang requiring another yin and yang. Hence reduplications are ineluctable, further convergences unavoidable.

It is therefore incontrovertible, to me, that yin and yang exist as themselves and that any synthesis replicates this closed cycle of colloquy, dialectic and signification. Does such replication render synthesis apocryphal? Or does the intractability of yin and yang, their obdurate persistence, in the teeth of all wholesomeness we as humans believe in, indicate a tautologous cycle whose ceaseless regurgitations are self reflexively redundant.

Does the fact that ultimately it all boils down to categories or rather category render null and void a blending of yin and yang. Or is the inescapable category, itself constitutive of an anterior yin and yang, a form of completeness in itself. It begins and ends with categories and if a category is both yin and yang and also a byproduct of their intersection then does the category exist, or yin and yang persist? It all begins with categories.

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