Monday, May 26, 2014


A shimmer, a wave of pleasurable oblivion was a momentary suspension i experienced in my consciousness before consciousness itself hurtled in. The dazzling profusion of color, as of a butterfly's wing in the sun, proliferated in such coruscations that constellations of iridescences exploded before me. Before the cavalcade of interconnected memories poured in there was a pause, ephemeral as the interstice between  heartbeats. In that stasis, infinitesimal though it was, a conglomeration of associations intersected pell mell, associations i could neither explicate nor unravel. Hence there was, it seemed, an anterior and a cognitive. Both deepened and intensified their coordinates.

If i deliberated on the anterior i experienced stipples of epiphanic insights, whose crenellations prodded me precipitantly at opportune moments. Each visitation, though momentary, suffused with a glimpse into the communality of interconnections that bound me, concatenated me to people. And though ratiocination failed me, reason having stalled at a point where ontology itself became nugatory, imagination buoyed me. I experienced these intimations pleasurably, gleaning from them a certain anchoring in world whose durability buoyed me, scaffolding me.

The cognitive, on the other hand shored me up. Here, where the constituents of memory seemed locatable, i felt at home. Spatiality emboldened me, temporality augmented my faith in reason, metaphysics irradiated the soul. And all of these dimensions coexisted, equanimously, with the oblations to the quotidian with which i traversed contingent memory.

The contingent gave me nuggets of the here and now to feed on. The contingent facilitated a becoming i subsequently dappled with the repository of a collective incandesced being. The stasis and its subsequent freneticism constituted, for me, a continuation and dialectical mirroring. categories dissolved as lived experienced, predicated on interleaving of multifarious variegations , became, through the mediation of consciousness, an inescapable human reality.

So there was, it seemed, phenomena, occurring naturally and there was my supra consciousness cogitating on the phenomenology behind the phenomena. The two cleaved and became a mode of being, a way of life. 

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