Sunday, May 18, 2014


My temporal progression through temporality enervated and invigorated me equally. Lugubriousness, indwelling, coexisted with ebullience. Moments when the desire to relinquish was most conspicuous was also the moment when to hold on, to clutch, embrace existed. While i disallowed destiny to incapacitate me i did, through its capricious visitations, harbor certain piquant indentations of experience on my soul where the occasional presence of the crepuscular redoubled the radiance of the sanguine.

I peregrinated memory through the mediation of reason. I imbued randomness with exegesis. I eviscerated all possible significations of discomfiture by rendering them explicable. Yet memory, tremulous, uncertain, evaded me. My traversings were a form of ineffectual embattlement where the form of ratiocination wrestled with an inchoate unconscious. There seemed to be a foreclosure of restitution.

Cataclysmic time irradiated filaments of perception with anterior indeterminacy. The search for ontology was perpetual regression, incessant doubling back to the present through an unfathomable past. I am a parthenogenetic incertitude, a blankness of which are scrolled an infinitude of becomings. In the midst of all this self constitution the essence, the being, the womb i emerged fro is bypassed or lost hold of altogether.

Anomalousness studs me and i do inhabit tenebrous spaces where erasure becomes my ontology. That i exist by virtue of being deemed inexistent or perhaps nugatory. Yet that which defines me is placed against me and therefore depends for its existence on me. Am i predetermined or does the forestalling of eventuality dapple me with conspicuous perspicuity?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that i simply am. In the phosphorescence of recollected tranquillity i emit fusillades of unconstrainable ecstasy. I am a rent, i am cleft. It is through the interstices of my predicate and metonymy that phenomena, indeed life comes to be. I am life. 

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