Saturday, March 8, 2014


The young man is naked, hugging his arms around himself as if to render himself invulnerable. His eyes are dilated with a nameless fear, terror and the lids are stretched tight while the red rimmed perspectivation imbues even the most quotidian of paraphernalia with a disquieting light.
The young man's ass is bleeding. Gobs of semen are intermingled with the blood. The muscles of his anus are ripped apart and torn, their taut sinews attenuated and weakened. Semen is spattered on the back of his thighs. Blood congeals around his back, its thickening ruby shards flaking off when his back rubs against them.
Trails of semen run from his mouth IN  infinitesimally cascading rivulets, drops of it trickling down. Its bitter tastelessness leaves indelible imprints on the insides of his mouth. His gaping mouth betokens both terror and reprieve. His stomach muscles are contracted, his fists, around his arms, in protective encirclement, clenched, tightly clasped. The knuckles are white, the bones protrude grotesquely in two dimensionality. In the interstice of tormented wakefulness and somnambulism, relief that the ordeal is over coexists with fear of its re emergence.
The unsavory taste of viscous semen crenellates the edges of his teeth and lips. His own mutilation is a stark reminder of the depredations of dismemberment. Parts where his hair is lopped off reveals glistening intimations of empty skull where the membranes aND  arteries concatenate to create a bluish black tinge. So he lies, in a state of unutterable horror, numb with hopelessness.

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