Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Okay, so i'm rather introspective. I ruminate on the depths of phenomena. On that fateful evening i was thinking of the nature of phenomena, of being, and how how the attrition of time transformed even suppleness into entropy. Memory colluded with me in this scarcely discernible cogitation, conferring to the outward onlooker a deep repose, a somnolent thoughtfulness . While there dwelt underneath, thoughts of a profounder nature.
Thoughts are both willed and unbidden. A thought juts out, unexpected, linked to other thoughts yet indivisibly singular. It floods memory, imbues consciousness with both the contingent and the ineffable. The same thought, re emerging later is imperceptibly altered. Random causality is complicit with willed deliberation. Both intersect.
And i am a product of intersection, an interstice between the articulable and the negated. While i am shoved away into the gloaming my being is unobliterated. Erasure is what erases difference and difference constitutes a mosaic. As an arabesque i ripple, float and attach myself, through association into the structuration of being and once ensconced demonstrate, through my transience, the evanescence of all phenomena.
Evanescence is the fulcrum of human life and my inchoate meanderings signify how the most assiduous exegesis can yield the most chimerical of answers. A substratum of truth underlies everything but is as much a truth brought into being as it is the generality of experience.
When i gaze into the mirror i see a reflection of a reflection . I see the carapace of factitious reality and i emerge subterraneanly from that carapace. While i duplicate the duplicated i also congeal the inessentiality of the essentialist. Neither do i repudiate the phantasmagoria of becoming nor do i deny the incorporeal metaphysical. I partake of both.
And these reflections signify that though i set out to unravel their constituents at work i established, through predicate and metonym, the centrality of phenomena itself.

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