Monday, February 17, 2014


She has been given a task by her mother. She is to go and give her ailing grandmother cake and wine. However the destination necessitates traversing the wood where wolves proliferate and ambush the unwary. Red riding hood combs her hair neatly , puts on the red hood. The mirror reflects her unambiguously. She is filled with certainty, imbued with the potentiality of her strength and ability to both skirt and circumvent danger. So she proceeds, suffused with ebullience and confidence.

Clumps of snow fall from the sky. The fir cones are wreathed in an unsullied whiteness. The sky is pellucid but tenebrous. Red riding hood though  walks confidently. She sees a vale of fledgling flowers running on an alternate path and the thought of giving her grandmother flowers buoys and energizes her. She is waylaid and therefore delayed. She rushes back, reaching just in time.

The door is unlatched, her grandmother is reposing but yet a metamorphosis seems to have occurred. Her grandmother's tiny teeth have become wolverine, her flapping ears wide and dirty toenails long and a malodorous emanation of flesh emanates from her. Before Red riding hood can so much as deliberate upon the amorphous mystery of this transmogrification she is gobbled up.

Inside the wolf's pendulous belly she finds her grandmother, supine. In the amniotic effluvia of the wolf's waters she is reverted to her constituents. The undifferentiated anteriority of pre birth beckons to her yet the accoutrements of young womanhood render her fractious and desperate to survive before subsumption and obliteration.

The mirror yields a nothingness, a blank palimpsest. Suddenly from the dark depths of the cave of the wolf's stomach, where shadows and illusion seemed reality she is thrown back on real life. Picking herself up she sees her grandmother beside her and the wolf's slit belly. She looks up and an incandescent virgin huntress looks back at her. The huntress's face is haloed in self sufficiency and she exudes a honeysuckle scent. Her eyes, focused and intense, her firm bosom and uncompromising gait attract Red riding hood irresistibly.

But exigence takes predominance. Red riding hood sews up the wolf's stomach with stones and the wolf is shot down with arrows.

Red riding hood faces both her apotheosis and her anthropomorphism in the huntress. They clasp hands and exchange a deep kiss, drinking off the fountain of each other's lips. Their breasts heave, surge in conjunction and their heart beats with love.

That night Red riding hood undresses before the mirror. She sees her flushed cheeks, hardened nipples and  damp core and realizes that she has finally become what she had intended to be . Love freed her from repression, lovemaking incorporealized it.  

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