Thursday, February 13, 2014


When the princess's golden ball fell into the pond the frog  retrieved it for her. He then proceeded to make the princess yield to her promise which was to make him her companion. The princess desisted and ran back to the castle while the frog was unanticipatedly unsurprised.

The gates of the castle opened to the frog. The kind, widowed, on hearing the story reminded his daughter of the necessity of keeping promises and that to abrogate on it would be calamitous. The princess made a grudging show of acquiescence but succumbed to her father's gentle remonstrations.

Her treatment of the frog was perfunctory, dismissive. Wrapped in the solipsistic colloquy with herself and her idea of herself in the mirror she was intransigent, non supportive and hostile. All entreaties by the frog, all reminders of her preordained promise were to no avail. The intractable princess persisted in seeing the frog as an ugly, repugnant and loathsome creature. So intense was her hatred that she was willing to forego her promise, willing even, to court retribution only if the utterly disgusting frog could be got rid of.

The frog went to the king with the intention of voicing his complaint. The king heard him out patiently. While the king heard and oversaw the lugubrious utterances of the frog he saw the frog's pellucid eyes glowing in the crepuscular dusk. He saw the forked tongue, protruding and retracting. In the gilt mirror opposite he saw the frog's convulsing mouth and hungry eyes reduplicating, hinting at a regression that would be irrevocable. Unwilling to constrain his disgust the king threw the frog against the mirror. The mirror splintered but what came out was a handsome prince.

The prince kissed the king. He tasted the soft lips and the striations of beard that the king has grown so luxuriantly. Their cleaving was tender, passionate yet intense. The king found a husband, the princess found another father. 

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