Friday, February 7, 2014


Hansel raped me. He ruptured me, shattered me. I kept thinking that in the witch's house, away from family, we would, as sister and brother, be a source of mutual solace to each other. But it seems that prolonged incarceration has deranged Hansel. He calls this forceful fucking an expression of love. I call it an abuse of the organ. Well, in any case, i've seen father force himself on my jaded mom and how uncomplainingly and stoically she endured his violent incursions into her body and spirit. Hansel replicated father's behavior patterns and i'd rather die and be eaten than be touched by him again.

I've , in my propinquity with my father and Hansel, witnessed horrific male supremacy whose depredations, i hear, cut through cultures, or at least many of them. The witch, though largely truculent and uncommunicative conveys an impression that she's suffered at the hands of men. Moments when her wrath is most palpable is when i wish those puckered lips on mine. I want to peregrinate those lines of intersecting wrinkles. She is going to eat us both up anyway. Finality renders this incontrovertible.

One day oleaginous reams of whipped cream are put into a boiling pan. Sizzling, unctuous butter floats semi congealed in the gravy whose savory aroma inundates our nostrils. I know that this is the moment but Hansel, rather deluded, anticipates another repast coming his way unaware that he will be repasted himself. Hansel, drawn irresistibly by the smell of gravy moves closer to the pot. He peeks his head in, peering into the gravy' curdling depths. I take this opportunity to give him a sharp push and he falls into the pot. I hear his anguished screams. The witch comes running back, hearing Hansel's unconstrained screeches. She sees what i have done. I expect a rebuke and an attendant push into the pot but i see that her gnarled face is wreathed in an almost beatific smile. Her eyes gleam mischievously iridescent. Merriment unspools from her. She laughs uproariously, voluminously. I stand petrified. She grabs me and i close my eyes, waiting for annihilation but feel her kisses gently caressing my eyes, cheeks and lips. 'Down with the men', she ululates triumphantly and i warble my tremulous agreement.

Hansel tastes delicious. I suck the meat of his bones and prepare myself for my own conjugal repast. 

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