Wednesday, February 19, 2014


His bestiality disgusted him. Suffused with human emotions he wanted to inhabit a physiognomy like human beings but felt constrained by his appearance to envisage a future. The blacks of his pelt glowed brightly in the dark, his eyes gleamed lustrously, with a liquid yearning. He longs for a transcendence of his lot, for an apotheosis.

Chancy circumstances bring beauty to the palace. He lavishes on her all material wealth and begs her to marry him, only to be refused each time. His desire is unconsummated and accelerated but its intrinsic unfulfillment means he inhabits a limbo, a blank nothingness. Beauty is a mirror in whose depths he sees his release. When he looks at the pellucid eyes of beauty he not only sees her iridescent lashes but what he could be, what he could make of himself. Yet he waits patiently, hoping that some prestidigitation would transform beauty's heart.

Beauty begs leave to see her family and he grudgingly acquiesces. He extracts a promise that she will return before winter begins. The days are spent by him both in introspective sombreness and exiting anticipation. The act of waiting in itself becomes a bulwark, a scaffolding, sheathing him from the uncertainty of the future with exhilarating dreams of the present. 

But beauty doesn't come at the time she promised. His eyes grow dim, his pelt loses its sheen , his fur loses its patina of firmness. He sags, he succumbs to the depredations of mortality .

Beauty meanwhile, spends her days remembering vaguely the promise she made but in the midst of family celebrations and frivolities forgets the promise. But a subterranean awareness that a promise has been broken sticks to her consciousness. An urgent remembrance sends her scuttling back to the beast. She finds him heartbroken, he is dying. Beset by an unconstrainable fit of tearfulness she sheds copious tears over his face, crying fulsomely, wholesomely, unrestrained by decorum. 

As each drop of tear falls from beauty's face he is subtly metamorphosed. Instead of the muzzle comes the aquiline nose, the profusion of furs becomes a fur coat and out emerges a gorgeous woman with golden curls, voluptuous breasts and a regal gait.

He, the unambivalent, incontrovertible he, is transformed into a she. The mirror never lies and its forceful interjections of unvarnished truth metamorphose him into a her. This is aided by the awareness of beauty's own propensities and preferences. Unable to access beauty's incandescence as he, because her refusal alerts him to his negation he undergoes his own transformation. The desire for exoneration precipitates the change and love, signified as self realization through the mediation of the mirror , validates it.

Beauty kisses the princess langorously, smoothing  her over by touching her curves erotically. The princess strokes beauty's nipples, feeling them hardening through the material of her cloth. They proceed to the bed where, conjoined, in seamless conjunction, they hope for a luminous future.

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