Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Snow white- The significations etched around my being transmuted me from living flesh to symbol. In the iconography of the fairy tale i was entombed.

Cinderella- Yet have there not been retellings. The old symbols are constantly configuring. They become dissonant with an age's lived experience and undergo metamorphosis

Rapunzel- The form remains unaltered though, does it not? I feel like a tabula rasa where narratives of my becoming are etched and interred.

Cinderella- It is a testimony to the fact that the form that formed us remains fluid. While the retelling draws attention to the act of its own retelling it also brings into being the artificiality of the original form.

Snow white- In that sense i feel performative. I mean, i've always loved women, in all senses yet that narrative of love lies subsumed under the integument of my grand narrative.

Rapunzel- But are not grand narratives constructs. I don't regard my lesbian identity as my ontology but then neither do i circumscribe my fate to the narrative that has determined me.

Cinderella- Any retelling is basically stretching of the sheathe that encloses us. The garment can be seamed, restitched, rewoven, billowed, tweaked. Does it mean that the mortal frame the garment contains is still inviolable?

Rapunzel- History is complicitous with myth yet challenges the myth's hegemony. The filaments of history bring to the forefront both causality and constructions. The causality renders events irrevocable , the construction renders their veracity apocryphal and myths, embalmed as immutable show, through the cracks in history, the mythopoeia of their own nature.

Snow white- It would be fallacious to make final any narrative that explores our being. The fact that rereadings have and continue to occur keeps us revivificable, transformable. It is really that elasticity, that protean quality that i wish to cherish

Cinderella- Each time time changes, each time times change newer ways of exploring our subjectivity will come into being. In that context, our being is inseparable from our becoming in that we become through the process of transmogrified being and are what we become each time around.

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