Saturday, January 11, 2014


Being occupies a crepuscular space in the effulgence of becoming. Being implies an essence, an inviolable entity. There is a finality to being, a predetermined quality of imbuing becoming with its inexorability. Yet being is, in the interstice of existentialism and post structuralism, an iridescent phenomene. While it has been rendered precarious its flame is unwavering.

Becoming insinuates with its own processes of self determination. Becoming wrests destiny of its irrevocability and invests it with the possibility of configuration. Becoming dapples an enervated being with pulsating life, or so it believes. Becoming putatively galvanizes being, irradiates it. Becoming still remains, despite its self constitution and indispensability, webbed to being. Their indubitable symbiosis makes a monochromatic differentiation arduous just as a homogeneous seamlessness is cleft under the pressure of its own fragility.

The symbiosis, nontheless, is a space where a cleaving occurs, a cleaving brought into being by the severing which then becomes a concatenation of arabesques stippling the mosaic with their singular co ordinates yet intermingled to the whole. Being brings becoming into being. Becoming actualizes being. Being propels the transmutation, becoming crystallizes it. Being wrests becoming from an undifferentiated wholeness. Becoming institutes individuation. Becoming traverses the anterior nothingness of being in moments of incertitude. Becoming endeavors an amalgamation to the metaphysical, which is made possible through the blankness of being. Being presupposes a larger consciousness and merges that to becoming. Being illumines becoming with the knowledge of hitherto unguessed dimensions of transcendence. While both are inseparable both are dialectical. Into the cauldron of being becoming gains form. In the accoutrements of becoming the bare bones of being dwell immanent.

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