Monday, January 6, 2014


In the beginning was negation. A negation, erased but unobliterated. While the portals of the norm proliferated unconstrained negation dwelt latently, roiling, churning, always circumnavigating. Negation implied a nothingness, a consignment to empty redundancy. The black hole entombed that blankness, emptying out any remnant or modicum of conformity. The black hole, by virtue of its finality, its inexorable destiny remained self contained, inviolable. It lived its existence unsullied by cosmic custom and proceeded to encapsulate and encompass within itself, a world of its own making.
Unbeknownst to the black hole though, or as subterranean knowledge, configurations, febrile, gossamer yet palpable aggregated and dispersed. Their constituents were points of kinetic energy, propulsive and retractable. In the interface of that ebb and flow enlivening and rejuvenation crystallized. So imperceptible were the workings of this transmogrification, so unnoticed its coordinates that the metamorphosis happened without any knowledge on the part of the cosmos. The cosmos, which had signed a death warrant to the black hole was perhaps unaware that obliteration into nullity was impossible and that in an indeterminate cosmos concatenations of matter, mass, energy and quarks could rekindle and reassemble spaces which were thought non existent.
The black hole would become a star and its fluid identity, kept under wraps for the fear of irrevocability it embodied would be actualized. The black hole was feared because it contained vertiginous intimations of precipitous oblivion, a form of non being. Non being presupposed a being but the living stars, the milky way and the planets depended as much on the caprices of indeterminacy as did the black hole. Processes of transformation were ubiquitous and would persist regardless of putative states of non being. The being of the cosmos was predicated on an erasure of the black hole from the pulsating blood flow of existence and throbbing, breathing life. By 'becoming' a star the black hole would shine forth incandescently in the gloaming of purportedly unacknowledged being and affirm, iteratively, the constant revivification of matter and life 

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