Monday, January 20, 2014


A young man who, constrained by circumstances and being, found himself to be an oddity was asked to go to the neighboring village and talk to and engage with the young woman who he had been foredoomed to  marry . He resented bitterly the curtailment of his youth but with inexorable finality proceeded, rather sulkily, to the village. To reach the village he had to pass through a forest which was deemed to be a repository of illicit carnal pleasures.

On reaching the forest he felt cold and desired another body to warm himself with, in the absence of making a fire in the cold frost. He ran into another youth from the village and they began discussing the restrictions of families and how circumscribed they experienced circumstances to be. As they traversed the crepuscular dusk they found a cave where they managed to light a fire and then proceeded to go to sleep.

In the cave, within the physiognomy of his fellow traveller, the young man found a lock to which he only had the key . As the unclothed countenance of the sleeping man glowed in the gloaming and the luminous warmth of the fire our young man found the possibility of a fortune and answer to life's foundational preoccupation. He woke up the other youth to reveal to him the golden contents of his findings. Together, they would, he asseverated, with reciprocal consent, find  the subterranean treasure behind the key and the lock it would inevitably open.

The young man's senses were inflamed by an insatiable curiosity. He was engorged with excitement and wonderment. The other youth turned back, surrendering himself, albeit complicitly, towards the unraveling of the lock  to which the other man  apparently held the key. The two men commingled in their search. The lock was found immanently in the youth. As the innards of the mortal frame unraveled the lock was plunged into, penetrated and cleaved with the fruit of knowledge irradiating both men. What was discovered was love.

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