Thursday, January 23, 2014


She was an anomaly. Her incongruousness marked her out. Consigned and relegated to a solitary life she cultivated eccentrities and oddities that would make her an object of fear. The absence of love, the impossibility of reciprocation made her vindictive and vituperative. She abrogated all pretenses of humanness and felt justified because the humanness she relinquished was hypocritical, conniving and deceiving.

She saw him steal rapunzel and subsequently was rewarded for her ungracious giving with Rapunzel. As she held the young baby in her arms her bosom heaved. Fusillades of pent up love, contained so long, spilled forth abundantly. Yet she feared that the outer world would snatch Rapunzel from her and make her fallible. She placed her in a tower to which the only entrance was Rapunzel's long locks. So she tended to Rapunzel like a young rose, seeing it blossoming. Rapunzel grew up to be very beautiful and she began, on seeing that beauty, feel stirrings of erotic passion. She longed to suckle contentendly at the pink nipples running her tongue around them. She longed to press her teeth gently on those pink lips. And so she did actualize sexually all her fantasies.

Rapunzel she kept close to her and disallowed any encroachment on their self sufficiency. So when she would out about the prince and his insidious, stealthy incursions into their life she blinded him and sent Rapunzel to the forest. Though she had obliterated all temporal reminders of her failed love life reams of repressed and aggreived emotions churned and roiled impetuously. Self recrimination displaced vengefulness and contrite, repenting she went to look for Rapunzel, winning her over by expostulating and demonstrating the veracity and integrity of her feelings.

Rapunzel was living happily ever after with the prince and the prospect was unbearable. She went to the tower, used a crowbar to loosen the grills and upon making sure the entrance was unbarred jumped out and annihilated her doomed love which myth rendered impermissible and custom unconsummated. 

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